3 Affordable Ways To Upgrade A Compact Bathroom On A Budget

Compact bathrooms can be more challenging to remodel than more spacious ones, but you don't have to be disappointed with the results when you are patient and consider different features that can suit it, even on a small budget. Instead of going for extensive upgrades, such as a new bathtub or sink vanity, consider some of the small changes that can upgrade your bathroom. Even with less square footage, the following features can all be implemented and dramatically change the look of your bathroom without being too expensive. Read More 

3 Important Tips For Creating A Family Room Addition Design That Will Enhance The Space

Building a new room addition will instantly improve the functionality of your home and provide a comfortable space for your family to enjoy. To ensure that your vision for your family room can become a successful reality, you'll need to create a solid design. Working with a remodeling contractor during the planning stage will ensure that your design is realistic. Here are 3 tips to help you develop a thorough and effective design for your family room addition. Read More