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Current Issue: Vol. 43

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Next Issue Vol. 44 will be published in Spring 2015.

Cover House

The breezy, comfortable elements of a transitional, coastal look carry undeniable appeal for people across the globe. The design team for this home sought not only to embrace a coastal feel, but also to enhance the elements in such a way that the finished home would be anything but typical. With the updated coastal look in mind, interesting and earthy, and sometimes funky elements were added to create memory points in each room.

South Florida Transformation
This home was brand new, but the interior designer wanted to turn a nice house into a fabulous home. The homeowners were open to his ideas, gave him carte blanche and, ultimately, he transformed the nice, but ordinary, space into a more open and welcoming home extraordinaire. Accustomed to a traditional feel, the clients were ready for a change. Rather than opting for the drastic difference of contemporary, the designer established a transitional look that would avoid being either too modern or too traditional.


Meanwhile, Over On the West Coast ...

This house was in a state of long-term neglect, but from its advantageous hillside locale, glorious views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate bridge were unsurpassed. The house itself was inspired by a Spanish-Mexican, hacienda style that the clients wished to maintain, but the clients also wanted to bring a touch of fresh, contemporary California to the feel.

West Indies Flair

Delightfully situated on a waterway leading to the Gulf of Mexico, this home originally was designed with a very contemporary exterior as well as a contemporary interior decor featuring bold, primary colors. New homeowners had an entirely different vision, one where a less formal, but still stylish, British-colonial, West-Indies flair would prevail. Both the exterior and the interior were completely redone to reflect the informal elegance associated with island-style living.

Sea & Sky Retreat

In this magnificent residence with sweeping views of the ocean, one of the primary design goals was to incorporate the colors of nature into the interiors as well as find a pleasing visual balance with the homeowners’ existing pieces of art. The selection of pieces, especially accent furnishings, with an underlying emphasis on textures and materials, was not unlike creating a collection of gallery pieces. What resulted was the creation of a very relaxed but clean, contemporary, coastal feel that could be enjoyed by the homeowners and their family and guests.