Tiles That Can Offer A Water-Like Look For A Bathroom

A lot of homeowners want their bathroom to have a water theme, which is appropriate in this space because of its water-related fixtures. There are many different ways to achieve this look, but don't underestimate the value that the right wall tiles can provide. Lots of wall tiles have a water-like appearance, and when you combine them with various types of water-themed decor, you'll have a bathroom that has an appealing water theme. Visit a tile specialist to check out its product, and pay special attention to the following tile types.

Clear Bubbles

Tile stores have lots of glass wall tiles, and while many of these tiles have a plain look, there are others that offer more visual appeal. One style that can give you a water-like look is a clear glass tile that has bubbles in it. Using several of these tiles to create an accent wall or just build a border through the middle of another tiled wall can offer a high level of style. The bubbles in the glass closely depict water, and if you have blue paint on a nearby wall, you'll often notice a gentle, blue reflection in these tiles that enhances the water look.

Droplet Shape

Wall tiles are available in many shapes beyond squares and rectangles. You may even find shapes that tie into the theme of water, which can make them a good fit in your bathroom. One shape to consider is a water droplet shape, which is pointed at the top and rounded at the bottom. These tiles are available in different sizes and colors and can work well for a backsplash behind the bathroom sink. Alternatively, you might use them as a border on the tiled wall of your shower or tub area.


Don't overlook the value of choosing a simple tile product in a color that ties in well with the theme of water. Tile stores carry all sorts of products that fit this description, including tiles that have a turquoise color. For many people, this hue is synonymous with the appealing water color of the tropics, which can create a stylish vibe in your bathroom that makes you daydream about beach vacations. The specific shade of turquoise can vary between tile products, so you can choose a color that you feel best represents water and that also works with the decor you plan to use in the bathroom.

For more information on wall tile, contact a professional near you.