5 Appliances To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

There are plenty of decisions that you need to make when remodeling a kitchen. You not only have to select the overall look of the kitchen, but you need to select the appliances as well. Here are a few types of appliances that you should consider so that they can be factored into your kitchen remodel.

Built-In Blender

Do you love to use your blender, but hate having the large base on your countertops? It's possible to have your kitchen remodeling contractor build the motor for the blender into the countertop itself. This leaves a small portion that you attach the canister to that sits flush with the countertop. When it's not in use it is not in the way either, so you save plenty of counter space.

Dual Ovens

A new trend in kitchens is to have dual ovens so that you can have both a convection and conduction oven. The difference between these two is that convection ovens circulate hot air around your foot, which is for even and quick cooking. Conduction ovens use direct heat at the bottom, which cooks items from the bottom up such as when baking. Both serve their own purpose, so why not build both into your kitchen?

Built-In Cooktop

If the ovens are going to be stacked on top of each other in a dual oven setup, then you'll need to use a built-in cooktop. There are several types of cooktops you can use, such as those that run on gas or electricity. However, induction cooktops are becoming more popular. They use magnetic fields to transfer heat, which causes the cooktop to get hot and cool down quickly. There is also no flame, so the risk of having a fire is much lower. 

Trash Compactor

Everyone loves to have the trash can out of sight and built into the cabinets. However, consider adding a built-in trash compactor instead. This not only helps your trash consume less space before it gets thrown away but takes up the same amount of space as a trash can. There is no reason not to have a built-in trash compactor when you are figuring out how to remodel your kitchen. 

Beverage Cooler

Do you have beverages taking up a lot of room in your refrigerator, which could otherwise be used for food? Consider a beverage cooler with a glass door on it. This can be used for storing wine, sodas, beer, or really anything you drink. It is also great at keeping your refrigerator cool because you won't be opening the door and letting cool air out just to grab a drink. 

Now that you know what appliances you want, make sure your contractor can factor them all into your new kitchen's layout.  

For more info, contact a local kitchen remodeling contractor