3 Affordable Ways To Upgrade A Compact Bathroom On A Budget

Compact bathrooms can be more challenging to remodel than more spacious ones, but you don't have to be disappointed with the results when you are patient and consider different features that can suit it, even on a small budget. Instead of going for extensive upgrades, such as a new bathtub or sink vanity, consider some of the small changes that can upgrade your bathroom.

Even with less square footage, the following features can all be implemented and dramatically change the look of your bathroom without being too expensive.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting can play a significant part in how any room of your home looks. This makes changing the lighting one of the best uses of money when you're remodeling your bathroom. Changing out a standard bulb light fixture for something with a bit more style can give your bathroom the more upscale look that you've been wanting.

Pay attention to the different finishes for bathroom light fixtures, such as brass, matte black, stainless steel, and others that can all offer a very different look. Starting with swapping out the light fixtures and even the bolts you use can be enough inspiration to begin choosing other features so the bathroom feels cohesive.


If your shower still has an unmovable standard showerhead, this can be a fantastic feature to replace. A new showerhead can offer a variety of different settings, allowing you to adjust it as desired. Having a shower head that can pull off the wall and be used in a handheld form can be ideal for both keeping yourself clean and giving the shower a good cleaning.

New shower heads can be relatively affordable, but can also be a big improvement in the bathroom that you can enjoy nearly every time you use them.

Walls and Flooring

Along with swapping out the light fixtures, the walls of the flooring are going to be smaller than many staple pieces that you notice when you step into the room. This could mean swapping out a new coat of paint or replacing tiling or vinyl on the floor. Even a backsplash on the wall can be updated affordably, making it a great upgrade to make to your bathroom.

Instead of being disappointed with how your bathroom turns out due to a limited budget, get creative and see what upgrades are suitable for your budget. Combining DIY work and professional help from a contractor can ensure that the bathroom turns out how you want. 

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