3 Important Tips For Creating A Family Room Addition Design That Will Enhance The Space

Building a new room addition will instantly improve the functionality of your home and provide a comfortable space for your family to enjoy. To ensure that your vision for your family room can become a successful reality, you'll need to create a solid design. Working with a remodeling contractor during the planning stage will ensure that your design is realistic. Here are 3 tips to help you develop a thorough and effective design for your family room addition.  

1) Decide what the optimal location for the family room addition is for your unique home.

Identifying the best spot for your family room is a crucial first step in making your design. This is because you can't fully plan for a safe and practical room addition if you're not aware of any structural limitations. You may want to knock down a wall, but it might require a support beam or the re-routing of electrical and plumbing lines. Additionally, you should choose a location that matches perfectly with the flow of your home, and think about the view from the room based on the direction that it faces. These are all important considerations that will impact what you can rationally include in your design. Your remodeling contractor can give you guidance on how to determine the ideal location for your family room addition.

2) Be sure to incorporate ample storage solutions into your family room addition design.

As you plan all of the fun design elements for your room addition, you might focus primarily on the colors and patterns. It's easy to forget about the more functional aspects, such as the storage options that your family will use. To ensure that you have adequate storage in your new room, take a look at the belongings that you want to stow in the space. This could include electronic equipment and computers, photos and keepsakes, and books or games. Once you have a good idea of everything you need to store, you can be creative with your design. You may wish to add built-in recessed shelving, modular display units, or multipurpose furniture that can also act as storage. A remodeling contractor can also help you come up with storage solutions that streamline the room's layout and reduce clutter.

3) Remember your budget as you finalize the design of your family room addition.

Designing a room addition from scratch is exciting, but don't be tempted to go too wild with the plans. Your budget is an essential factor to remember during the planning process. Think about how to arrange objects in the room so that you can optimize the space without needing to add unnecessary furniture. Find ways to use natural lighting to cut down on expensive lighting features. Use less than three different shades of paint by choosing only the colors that truly speak to your overall design. With some clever cost-saving strategies, you can still design a beautiful family room without breaking the bank.

Keep these tips in mind as you create an outline of what you hope to achieve with your family room addition. Your remodeling contractor will take your well-planned design and create a functional living space that your family will love. 

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