3 Ways To Make An Enclosed Kitchen Feel Open

A simple kitchen with essential features and appliances is all you need to cook for and with your family. However, you may want more than a basic kitchen in a home you own. You may imagine a kitchen you love stepping into to cook meals, grab a snack, or put away groceries.

One of the things you may dislike about the space is that it may feel enclosed. You can hire remodelers to take on a few projects that make the kitchen more open and inviting.


Window installation is an easy and effective way to open your kitchen up. You can put windows anywhere, especially when you want to move or remove features. But an easier solution is putting windows in areas with empty wall space to minimize disruption. A window in front of the sink is smart because it will allow you to look outside while washing dishes.

Another place worth installing a window is in a corner where you can put a breakfast nook. This setup will give your family a view outside while sitting down and enjoying breakfast and coffee.

Empty walls are worth considering for window additions because you can gain natural light and outside views while making the kitchen look open.


Another way to invite natural lighting inside is through skylights. This feature works well in one-story homes where you do not have an upper floor in the way. You can add skylights in multiple areas to maximize natural light or focus on the main area where you spend the most time.

A major advantage of implementing both skylights and windows is that you get balanced light throughout the day. The windows will give you a ton of light in the morning and afternoon. At the same time, the skylights excel at illuminating your kitchen in the time around noon.


Removing or reducing walls is an excellent strategy to open up your kitchen. Taking down non-load-bearing walls is easy because you do not need them for structural support. When you create a more open layout in your home, you will get some natural light from other rooms. This means that dining room and living room windows can contribute to kitchen lighting.

Removing walls also prevents the kitchen from looking and feeling closed off.

Invest in these kinds of remodeling projects to transform an enclosed kitchen into one that is open and inviting. To learn more about options for your kitchen, contact a home kitchen remodeling service in your area.