5 Small Ways To Make A Bathroom Remodel Better

When people renovate bathrooms, it's easy for them to focus on the big things. It is great to be excited about putting in a new shower, for example, but there are also small ways to make a bathroom remodel better. If you want to get into the details to upgrade your bathroom renovation plans, these five small items may do the trick.

Trim, Handles, Rails, and Other Features

The little details around the bathroom are often what will give it some character. If you have a rustic bathroom and want to give it a slightly industrial touch, for example, adding some iron handles and rails can contribute a bit more visual interest. Similarly, contrasting trim around the windows can make them stand out. Even something as simple as the right towel rack can give a bathroom remodel that smidge more attention it needs to really shine.

Hidden Plumbing

Especially if you want to create a contemporary or modernist bathroom, hiding the plumbing features in the walls can be quite interesting. For example, you can hide the toilet's tank in the wall. Similarly, placing the plumbing lines for the sinks in the wall can make the room's lines look cleaner. There will be well-concealed access panels that will make servicing the systems easy when necessary, too.


People often overlook the mirrors in a bathroom or just treat them as extensions of the sink area. However, properly placing the mirrors during a bathroom remodel can light the entire space. Look at the angle that the sunlight usually enters the bathroom windows. Place the mirrors so they can reflect as much natural light as possible. Not only will this make the room look fresher and more natural, but it can save on electricity bills.


Smooth features often dominate bathrooms, but this can make them look antiseptic like a hospital. Adding some texture is a great way to get lively. The tiles are a great target for texturing because it's normal to replace them during a bathroom renovation, anyhow. You also might want to use textures for the backsplash. Stone textures, for example, can give the space a warmer and more approachable feel.

Expanded Windows

It is possible to install bigger windows while maintaining your privacy, especially with advances in block glass and frosted materials. Likewise, modern windows tend to have excellent insulation values so you don't have to worry about bigger windows making it chilly in the new bathroom.

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