Everything You Need To Know About MDF Wood Moulding

For a long time, solid natural wood was the go-to for moulding inside the house. However, wood is expensive. MDF moulding provides an alternative, and it has many advantages over wood. If you would like to know more, keep reading.

What Is MDF Wood Moulding?

MDF wood moulding is made from medium-density fiberboard. This is an aggregate building material, and the materials used to build it come from trees. However, instead of being one solid piece like wood moulding, the MDF is made of lots of wood pulp (from small branches and other bits of wood). This pulp is pressed together to reform a solid structure.

How Much Does MDF Moulding Cost?

MDF wood tends to be less expensive than solid wood. For example, a sold wood baseboard made from pine or poplar costs bout $0.85 to $2.25 per linear foot. For a higher quality wood like cherry, mahogany, or walnut, expect to pay $1.80 to $8.00 per linear foot.

On the other hand, MDF baseboards only cost about $0.65 to $2.00 per linear foot. The price also depends on the height of the baseboard.

What Are the Benefits of MDF Moulding?

Besides being cheaper to buy, MDF moulding has many other benefits. First, because of how it is made, there are no blemishes on the surface of the moulding. Solid wood may have knots, and the way the wood fibers lay makes it easy to split the wood, especially when nailing the moulding into place. MDF moulding is resistant to splitting, and it's easy to cut clean lines.

In addition, they are more flexible than solid wood, so you can use them in rooms where the walls are slightly curved. This makes MDF moulding incredibly easy to install when compared to solid wood moulding. Finally, MDF can be painted, so you can change the color if needed. However, it cannot be stained like natural wood.

The leading downside to MDF moulding is that it is susceptible to water, so it may not be a good choice in bathrooms. Rubber moulding may be better in bathrooms and areas that are exposed to water. You can help protect the MDF from water damage by keeping it painted.

MDF moulding is a great addition to your home. It is inexpensive and it looks great. It may not be right for every room in your home, but you should consider it wherever you would use solid wood moulding.

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