Why It’s Wise To Replace Windows Sooner Rather Than Later

Windows don't last forever. Often, homeowners will look at their windows and decide that, since they are not obviously leaking or falling out of the frame, they can last a little longer. If you need to delay window replacement for financial reasons, that's understandable. But if you can afford to replace your windows a bit sooner, that's usually a smart move. Here are some key reasons why it's often better to replace windows sooner rather than later.

Old windows get drafty, making your home uncomfortable.

You don't always realize how uncomfortable old windows are making your home until you replace those windows and your home gets so much cozier. Even if the windows are not overtly leaking, they may have some crevices or cracks in their frames, allowing air to blow through. In the winter and in the cool of the evening, the blowing cold air can make it uncomfortable to be near your windows. Not to mention, it can drive up your heating bills! The sooner you replace these aged windows, the sooner you'll be done dealing with drafts.

Old windows can make a poor first impression.

Even if the rest of your home is clean, well maintained, and nice, having old windows will interfere with its curb appeal. Visitors won't notice the nice siding if the windows are chipping and deteriorating. This can make it awkward to have friends over. And if you want to sell the home, you may have a harder time finding buyers because they want a home that makes a good first impression. Replacing the windows before their appearance starts to diminish too much is a wise choice.

Old windows can leave your home prone to mold.

If there is one thing you don't want in your home, it is mold. The mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues for you and your family members, and it can be really costly to clean up. Old windows can easily develop small leaks that allow the sash or nearby wall to become moist and begin molding. It's easier to just replace these windows sooner and not have to deal with the mold problems.

If you think your windows may be starting to suffer, have a window replacement company come take a look. They can let you know whether you should replace the windows now, or whether you can hold out for a few more years. Usually, sooner is better.