5 Reasons To Choose Wood Kitchen Cabinets

When remodeling your kitchen, one major decision you must make is about the cabinets. There are a range of materials to choose from, but natural solid wood can be a great option for your kitchen cabinets.

1. Adaptable

Unlike thermoplastic and veneer cabinets, wood cabinets can evolve with your changing tastes and design preferences. You can update the stain or paint color so that your cabinets never look old and out of style. Even the hinges, handles, and other hardware can easily be swapped out and changed over the years as the design and look of your kitchen changes.

2. Customizable

Most wood cabinets are custom-built to fit your kitchen, which means you have fully customizable options to ensure your cabinets are exactly built to suit the existing space. There is no need to try and force pre-built units into odd spaces. Not only can you customize the size, but you can also customize the type of storage supplied by the cabinets as well as decorative features, such as paneling and insets.

3. Durable

There's no need to worry about heavy damages from normal daily use when you opt for wood cabinets. Solid wood is very resistant to damages, and when damages do occur, they can typically be repaired. Scratches and finish damages can be repaired with touch-up paint or refinishing, while dents and cracks can be filled and sanded easily enough. The same can't be said for veneer cabinets once they begin to peel and chip.

4. Attractive

Something about wood gives it a timeless attractiveness. First and foremost, you have a choice of wood, from hardwoods like maple to softer woods like pine. Solid wood has its own warmth as well, which can make a kitchen feel more welcoming and inviting. Further, the adaptability of wood means that it can remain attractive when combined with a range of other designs, as well as countertop and wall materials.

5. Valuable

Wood cabinetry adds value to your home, even if you do not plan to sell for many years. Many wood cabinet designs are timeless yet customized to the kitchen, which means they will look good for many years. When you do decide to sell your home, you may find that the investment in wooden cabinets pays off in the fact that your old kitchen remodel has retained much of its value.

Contact a kitchen cabinet installer to learn more about the benefits of wood cabinets.