Signs You Should Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a great addition to any kitchen. They give your kitchen décor the right touch that reflects your personality and style. However, as time goes by, your kitchen cabinets tend to wear out. Some of the temporary adjustments you may need to make can include a fresh coat of paint. But, eventually, you will have to upgrade your kitchen cabinetry. Here are a few signs that it's time for an upgrade.

Damaged Cabinet Doors

Cabinets tend to be damaged by smoke, flooding, termites, or ordinary wear and tear. Minor damage to new costly cabinets should be fixed right away. However, if older cabinets are severely damaged, you should upgrade to new modern cabinets.

It is important to recognize hidden signs of damage. For example, wooden cabinets have suffered water damage if they have dark and uneven patches. This form of damage makes it hard to handle the cabinet doors.

Insufficient Space

Cabinets are meant to declutter your kitchen space. If you find yourself placing items on the countertop, you have likely run out of storage space. One solution to this is upgrading to custom cabinets.

Unlike stock cabinets which come with pre-determined sizes, custom cabinets are designed to meet your unique needs. This means you can manipulate the height, width, and depth of the cabinets based on your storage needs. 

Mold Growth

If there is a funky smell coming out of your cabinets, one of the culprits is likely mold. It may also be because of an accumulation of dust and debris. Exposure to mold can cause allergies. It can also damage food in the kitchen.

Mold develops in kitchen cabinets due to water damage. This applies to cabinets that are under or next to your sink, too. Also, if the cabinets are next to your stove, mold will grow because of the amount of steam coming from your cooking pots. When mold grows in your cabinets, the best solution is to buy new ones.

Selling Your Home

One obvious sign you need to upgrade your kitchen cabinets is when you plan to sell your home. New kitchen cabinets will draw the attention of potential buyers. Many homebuyers are attracted to homes with updated kitchens because they know the time and money that goes into a kitchen remodel. This means they will be willing to pay a pretty penny for your house.

Choose a neutral style and colors that complement other features in the kitchen. For example, for a kitchen with dull colors, try using light-colored cabinets. Also, choose a standard style that many homebuyers may already be familiar with.

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