Bathtub Remodel Options Create A Different Look For Your Bathroom Makeover Project

If you are planning on making over your bathroom, you might be looking for the best solutions to create a new look without spending too much. Bathtub remodeling projects are a great option to create the look you want in a new bathroom design. The following bathtub remodeling options are some of the solutions that you might want to consider for your bathroom makeover design:

Bathtubs with Overflow

If you want a luxury bathtub design for your bathroom, you might want to consider a tub with overflow features. There are different options for luxury overflow tub designs, which can be recessed into a bathroom floor or be floating on a luxurious stone or tile-finished base. These tubs can be filled all the way to the point where they overflow into a reservoir that is incorporated into their design.

Bathtubs with Spa Jets

You might also want to consider tubs that have spa jets. There are many different options for spa bathtub designs that can be added to your bathroom makeover project. If you are looking for simple improvements for the new bathroom design, you can use a spa-style tub that is similar to the one that is being removed. Spa tubs can also have custom features like seats and custom sizes to fit your bathroom layout.

Freestanding Tubs

Another option to consider is a freestanding tub for your bathroom. There are various options for the size and style when installing a freestanding tub. You might want to consider using a tub with brass feet that has been restored, which can give your bathroom design an elegant touch of style with these classic features. You can also get replicas that are larger or smaller for tubs that fit the exact space of your bathroom.

Tiled Bathtub Designs

Another option that you might want to consider is a tiled tub design, which can give you options for a completely custom-built design. These designs can be tile surrounds that are added to the bathtub or custom-built tubs constructed in a way similar to how walk-in showers are built. In addition to conventional tile materials, these tub designs can also be finished with stone materials. You can also add custom features like spa jets and seating to these types of bathtub designs.

Remodeled bathtubs can be an elegant and luxurious addition to any bathroom that will also add value. Contact a bathtub remodeling service, like We Improve For You, to start planning these features to makeover the design of your bathroom.