Cabinetry Remodeling Ideas To Makeover Your Kitchen With A New Cabinet Layout

If you are ready to change the look of your kitchen, there are a lot of things that can be done with a few changes to the cabinetry. With cabinet remodeling, you might even be able to take advantage of existing unit frames if they are still in good shape. The following cabinetry remodeling information will help you with these updates for the design of your kitchen:

Deleting Ceiling Height Cabinet Units

Ceiling-height cabinet units were popular features in many older kitchens, but they are not so trendy today. Thus, you probably want to remove the ceiling-height units and choose a different design feature. These ceiling cabinet boxes can be replaced with floating shelving, or you can just leave them as open box shelving for your new kitchen design. There are also options to use glass doors for the higher cabinets to give the kitchen a more open and spacious feeling.

Removing Doors and Using Open Shelving

Part of the cabinet remodeling process is replacing or refinishing the doors. You are going to want to remove all the doors, as well as any hardware that is attached to the cabinet boxes. If you are going to leave some of the higher boxes, open shelving can be a great solution to give your new kitchen design a more open feeling. This can also be done for lower cabinets that you use less, where you can use them for decor or storage the is more easily accessible.

Adding a Kitchen Island to the Cabinet Design

There are also extra features that can be added when remodeling your cabinets. You may want to add features like kitchen islands to the new design. Sometimes, this can be done with the existing cabinet box units that you are moving around. The kitchen island might need to have extra boxes built or new units installed depending on the design. Adding an island will open up the design of your kitchen to the rest of the main living space in your home.

Reorganizing and Refacing Cabinet Units

The reorganization of your cabinets is one of the main things that you may want to do when remodeling. Therefore, you want to draw a scheme of the new cabinet layout and discuss where you want to make changes. After you know how the cabinet layout will work, they can be stripped of the existing finishes and refaced. The last step is to install the new veneers, doors, and hardware to complete the project.

Remodeling your cabinets will give you options to address a lot of the issues with the design of your kitchen. Contact a cabinetry remodeling service to discuss these options.