Why A Wood-Look Composite Decking System Is A Great Choice For Your Home

Although real wood is the traditional choice of material for deck construction, not everyone can keep up with its high maintenance requirements. The good news is that there's a low-maintenance wood alternative that homeowners are increasingly using for their decks: wood-look composite decking.

Designed to mimic the look of real wood, wood-look composite decking is made of a blend of wood fibers, recycled plastics, and some bond-strengthening additives. If you're mulling over installing this type of decking system in your home, explore the following advantages to determine if it's worth the investment. 

Looks Like Real Wood

Traditional wood decking comes in a wide variety of rich-grained and beautifully colored wood species. Each wood type gives a unique and beautiful appearance that can increase the curb appeal and market value of any property.

Choosing composite decking doesn't mean you have to miss out on the aesthetic qualities of real wood. The advanced technology used in manufacturing composite decking makes it possible to create composite deck boards that look exactly like real wood. 

Whether you want to replicate the look of redwood, cedar, or mahogany, you can't miss a product that will achieve the appearance you desire.

Requires Less Maintenance Than Real Wood

Wood decking is susceptible to scratches, dents, warping, rotting, and insect damage. As a result, a high level of maintenance is required to keep it intact and looking its best.

One of the maintenance tasks you'll need to perform in addition to regularly cleaning your wood decking is to sand down and refinish it periodically to get rid of surface blemishes and restore its protective surface finish.

Once installed, composite decking only needs regular cleaning to keep shining. This makes it a low-maintenance option compared to real wood.

Outlasts Real Wood

Composite decking is made tough and resilient to endure the demands of everyday use. Plus, it's made of synthetic material, which stands up against inclement weather elements such as rain, high humidity, and direct sunlight much better than wood. These factors combine to ensure you maximize the life of your decking.

Wood-look composite decking offers you the look of real wood without wood's high-maintenance requirements. It also provides increased durability, delaying the need to replace your decking. In the long run, its increased durability justifies the higher upfront costs. 

If you have more questions about decking materials, reach out to a contractor that knows about materials like TimberTech composite decking.