Four Custom Home Features For Pet Lovers

Whether you have a brood of pets you adore or you want to use your new home to foster animals in need, adding some extra amenities to your custom home can make your furry friends feel more welcome. Here are some ideas to discuss with your home builder to create the ideal house for you and your four-legged companions.

Mudroom And Shower Station

Having a mudroom situated at the back entrance of your home makes it easy to clean your pets after a muddy roll in the yard or a walk in the rain. This space should have tile floors that are easy to mop. Heated flooring is also a smart choice if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters, as the radiant heat can help your pets warm up after spending time outdoors. Work with your custom home builder to create a pet shower or bath station in the mudroom. This makes it easy to shampoo or rinse your pets before they enter the rest of the home. There are many different designs for pet shower/bath setups, so consider the size of your pets before you make a final decision on this animal-friendly amenity.

Built-In Pet Food Storage

When planning your kitchen design, keep pet food storage in mind. You can have your builder create custom pull-out drawers to house tall plastic bins for pet food, or you can install smaller drawers that can be dedicated to kibble storage. A smaller cabinet right next to this drawer can be used for canned food storage. Have your builder install a wire dispenser system to provide easy access to cans at feeding time.

Feeding Nook

Food and water bowls can stand out in your home, so consider creating a feeding nook as part of your custom home design. This can be a space underneath the counter in your mudroom, kitchen, or laundry room. A small platform lifting the feeding area off of the floor can help keep ants and other insects at bay, and cutouts for pet food dishes creates a seamless look. Work with your home builder to run a water line to this area to make giving your pets fresh water simple. You can then install a faucet directly over the water bowl or install a small sink with a stopper you can fill and drain throughout the day. Be sure that the space between the platform and counter is large enough for your pet to feed comfortably.

Integrated Gates

You'll likely want to limit access to certain rooms in your home, but traditional baby gates can be a bit unsightly. Instead, work with your builder to create integrated gates that match the decor of your home. Identify rooms you will want to limit access to, such as the baby's nursery or the kitchen. You can then have permanent gates installed at each entrance. Gates that slide into the walls like pocket doors create a low-profile look, while decorative designs can add appeal to your custom home.

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