5 Tips For Getting The Most From A Kitchen Remodel

When putting money into a kitchen remodeling effort, people always want to get the best bang for the buck. There are lots of ways to remodel a kitchen, though, and that can make it difficult to nail down which ones will let you get the most from your project. Here are five possibilities worth considering.

High-End Cabinet Design

Few features will instantly upgrade a kitchen as rapidly as high-end cabinet design. Cabinets are typically at eye level, making them among the first things people see when they enter kitchens. Likewise, cabinets have large, flat surfaces that make for excellent places to show off materials choice. Whether you want to use grainy woods or top-tier glass, your newly designed cabinets will make it abundantly clear that you care about the kitchen's functionality and appearance.

A Feature-Rich Island

Especially in larger kitchens, islands can take dead space and make it useful. The island ought to be more than a place to put food during meal prep, though. An island can harbor many features, including additional storage, another sink, appliances, and even garbage disposal systems. A feature-rich island can become something of a miniature kitchen within the overall cooking space.

Custom Remodeling

There's often nothing wrong with using stock designs in a kitchen, but a custom kitchen remodel gives you a chance to put your stamp on the room. You can minimize the problems caused by less-than-ideal spaces in the kitchen, and you can also maximize the areas that look the best. For example, a south-facing window can be used to let in as much natural light as possible.

Visual Contrast

Employing dark features next to light ones can have a massive visual impact. Black countertops next to white walls, for example, are a common choice. Contrasts can also be made using textures, such as rugged wood cabinets next to smooth tiles. Don't be afraid to invert the expected, either, like using light countertops next to darker backsplashes and cabinets.


It's easy to think about islands, appliances, sinks, and countertops when doing kitchen remodeling. Lighting, however, is often a great way to make the most of your renovation dollar. Although recessed lighting is popular, you might want to use hanging lights to add visual interest to the ceilings. Similarly, lights can be pointed toward specific zones to feature them visually, such as using light to bring out the finishes of several surfaces. Also, illumination is always a great safety feature.