Tips For Choosing The Right Kitchen Tile

When it comes time to choose your kitchen tile, it is common to be mesmerized by all of the options. Do you go with blue glass or classic, white subway? Is the herringbone tile better, or should you choose hexagons? There are ways to make this choice easier. Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen tile without pulling your hair out. 

1. Think about scale.

Scale refers to the size of the tiles in relation to the size of everything else in your room. Put simply, if you have a larger kitchen and larger walls, you want a larger-format tile. If you have a smaller kitchen and smaller walls, you want smaller tiles. If you're not sure quite how big or how small to go, try bringing home a few samples. Hold them up on the wall. How do they feel? If a piece of tile grabs too much attention and makes you feel overwhelmed, it's too big. If a tile makes your space feel cluttered, it's too small.

2. Opt for a smooth finish.

You can rule out at least half of your tile options simply by insisting on a smooth finish. You simply don't want anything with texture in a kitchen, as it will pick up food debris and be hard to clean. A smooth tile will be easier to wipe down, and you'll be able to get away with using milder cleaners, which is better for the tile in the long run.

3. Set a budget.

Decide from the get-go how much you can afford to spend on the tile. This will narrow down your options. Don't assume you can't find a lovely tile if your budget is small. There are plenty of nice options in more affordable price ranges. When comparing tile costs, remember to compare the cost per square foot. The cost per tile is less relevant since tiles come in so many different sizes.

4. Don't overdo the patterns.

Generally speaking, a kitchen is not a place where you want too many busy patterns. The only exception might be if every other surface in your kitchen is solid-colored and smooth and you want the tile to add a little texture. In most cases, however, you want to stay simpler with kitchen tile. Leave the intricate patterns for the bathroom, which is meant to be a cozier space.

With the tips above, choosing the right kitchen tile will be a lot easier. Narrow down your choices from the onset, and you won't feel so overwhelmed. 

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