Four Cabinet Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms can present a challenge when it comes to creating a spacious feeling while still ensuring there is ample storage. Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to bathroom cabinetry. The following are just a few ways to maximize storage without compromising on space.

#1: Add Some Legs

A traditional under-sink cabinet vanity is so blocky that it feels like it really closes off the space. Pedestal sinks are often used to open up a small bathroom, but the loss of storage can be an issue. Another way to open up the space is to choose an under-sink cabinet with slim, simple lines as well as legs. The legs lift the cabinet and that space beneath gives the bathroom a more open feel, while the simple lines help the cabinet fade into the wall so it doesn't provide as much visual clutter.

#2: Use Wall Storage

Wall cabinets can be much more spacious than a vanity cabinet, and there are a few more options about where to install them. Wall cabinets can be placed over the sink or toilet, as well as on any other blank wall where they won't be in the way. Your contractor may even be able to recess the cabinet into the wall between studs, effectively slimming its silhouette without sacrificing storage space. You can even have a mirrored door installed so that the cabinet doubles as an over-the-vanity mirror.

#3: Add High Shelves

Most people ignore the space that is above their heads near the ceiling. Running shelves around the perimeter of the bathroom a foot or so below the ceiling lets you take advantage of this space without the loss of any square footage below. These shelves are perfect for storing towels and extra supplies. You can even have doors added so that they are more like cabinets and your bathroom storage is completely hidden. Paint the doors to match the walls or ceiling so that the room continues to feel open.

#4: Look In the Corners

Corner cabinets can provide a lot of storage space without the loss of a lot of square footage. If you happen to have an open corner in the bathroom, this solution could be perfect. You can even have a sink-top corner vanity designed so that both the sink and the cabinet are using less floor space. The result will be a more spacious-feeling bathroom, regardless of its actual size.

Contact a custom cabinet service for more help.