4 Options For Your Kitchen Hardware For Your New Cabinets

Once you make the big choice concerning the material and style of your kitchen cabinets, make sure you put just as much thought in the seemingly small choice of what type of hardware you want to use on your kitchen cabinets. Hardware often has a larger visual impact than people realize. The hardware you put on your kitchen cabinets can change the feel of your entire kitchen.

Option #1: Pulls

One option for your kitchen hardware are pulls. Pulls have a flat surface that attaches to the cabinet with two screws, with a bottom flat handle that extends outward from the hardware. It is not a full handle; thus, the name "pulls."

Pulls were used frequently in kitchens pre-World War II and have felt out of favor for decades. However, pulls have recently become popular again. They have a smooth design aesthetic and clean lines. Pulls work effectively on kitchen drawers and can be used on cabinet doors as well.

Pulls are often used in kitchens that are going for a more modern, clean feeling.

Option #2: Cup Pulls

Another option is cup pulls. A cup pull has a half-moon shape that you can grab onto to open up a drawer or a cupboard. They can be simple in design, or they can have a more ornate look to them. They are generally placed in the center of the outward face of the drawer.

This style of hardware is most often used in kitchens that are going for a more cottage or farmhouse feel.

Option #3: Knobs

If you want to keep everything looking nice and sleek in your kitchen, you can use knobs. Knobs are a great choice because they work just as well on both cabinets and on the drawers in your kitchen. With knobs, you can go for simple smooth nob, or you can go for a knob that has a circular accent on it or a raised pattern if you want something with a little more detail. Knobs come in a variety of finishes and styles.

Option #3: Handles

Finally, you can go for sleek handles for your kitchen hardware. Handles are another popular option because they allow you to really grip onto something when you are opening and closing your cabinets and drawers. You can go for square-shaped handles if you want your kitchen to have a modern look, or you can go for smoother rounded handles if you want your kitchen to have more of a classic look.

The hardware you choose to use on your cabinets plays an important role in shaping the style of your kitchen, so carefully choose the type and color of your kitchen hardware.