Wood And Stainless Steel Are Two Options For New Kitchen Cabinets When You Remodel Your Kitchen

When you remodel your kitchen, you'll probably want new cabinets and countertops. These parts of your kitchen play prominent roles in how you use your kitchen and how your kitchen looks. There are a few choices in kitchen cabinets, and two of the popular options are stainless steel and wood. Here are the pros and cons to think about so you choose cabinets you love and that fit your budget.

Wood Cabinets Have A Traditional Appearance

You can't go wrong with wood cabinets since they are the traditional choice and you can find them in a wide price range. Plus, you have many options when it comes to colors since different species of wood have different colors, and you can always paint wood to be any color you like. While wood has its advantages, it also has some disadvantages when compared to stainless steel.

Wood is subject to decay. This is often a problem in lower cabinets, especially the cabinet under the sink when there is a plumbing drip. Damp and decaying wood grows mold and attracts insects. Wood cabinets can also warp, expand, and contract with changes in the weather and develop problems with closing and opening. You may need to paint or stain wood periodically since it will get coated in oil from cooking and stains from hands opening the doors.

You can avoid some problems associated with wood by choosing high-quality cabinets, but they can be pricey, especially cabinets made of solid wood.

Stainless Steel Provides A Modern Look

If you want a different and modern look for your kitchen, then stainless steel cabinets are a choice to consider. Steel cabinets have a long life, and they are very durable. They don't rot or attract bugs. They're easy to clean, which makes them an ideal material for a kitchen. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets come in different styles so you could choose glass or solid doors to give your kitchen the look you like best.

The drawback of stainless steel is that it is more expensive than wood. If you have a large kitchen with many cabinets, the price might strain your budget. However, you could opt for steel shelving rather than full upper cabinets to save on cost. Another drawback could be appearance. You may not like the way stainless steel looks and prefer the more traditional look of wood. However, if you want a look that's modern, minimalist, or trendy, then stainless steel might be just what you're looking for.

Set your budget for your kitchen remodel and talk to your contractor about costs and possibilities so you know how much you can realistically spend on new cabinets. Then, visit a showroom and look at all that's available. You can find cabinets to fit nearly any budget, so you can find cabinets you like and are happy to live with for years.

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