Choose The Right Fence Wood

For many homeowners, replacing a backyard fence is a struggle. Part of that struggle involves choosing the right wood to create a strong but attractive fence. Here are some things to know about wood fence systems.

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is gorgeous and does not need any work to look stunning in your yard. In fact, you don't even have to stain it to achieve an appealing look. Even on its own, fresh cedar looks beautiful.

Another benefit to cedar fencing is that it is resistant to many common problems, including moisture and rot. Even insects will avoid cedar fencing because of its natural oils and smells. Plus, cedar doesn't warp like other fencing options. One downside? It can change colors as it grows older.

Pine Fencing

Pine fencing is also great for the outdoors. Pine is popular because it looks great in any yard, and it can be made into pickets or boards quite easily. It's also an affordable option if you don't want to spend a lot on your fence.

Unlike cedar, pine should always be treated before you use it as a fence. This is the best way to ensure the fence is able to resist bugs, especially termites, and rotting.

Redwood Fencing

Redwood is one of the best fencing choices because it can hold any kind of finish. It looks great and is very durable--without sacrificing affordability. The deep red color is unmistakable, and you can use this wood for a variety of panels.

Upkeep for redwood fencing is a little more complicated than for other fences. You may need to stain or seal with oil a fence to ensure it does not change colors. A bonus? Redwood does not rot and is not easy for insects to infest if you choose high-grade fencing.

Cypress Fencing

Cypress fencing is red or tan, and it is highly resistant to insects and rot, even if you live in a wet climate. This kind of fencing is very durable, though improper drying means your fence can warp easily. Keep in mind that cypress is only affordable in certain parts of the country, so it may not be the best option where you are.

Choose the Right Fence

Your fence serves many purposes. It keeps pets in your yard and other animals out, it provides you with some privacy, and it provides you with a brilliant aesthetic for your yard. A fencing professional can help you determine what kind of fence is right for your yard.