Roof Shrinkage: Can it Cause Issues for Your Flat Roofing System?

There are many types of problems flat roofing systems can experience over the years. One of the problems roofs can experience is when the membrane lying beneath roofing shingles shrinks. If the membrane shrinks, it could leave your shingles, attic, and house open to damage. Learn about roof shrinkage and how to handle it below.

Can a Roof Membrane Really Shrink?

The membrane is one of the most essential features of your home and roofing system. Although the membrane is thin, it forms a protective coating over the roof deck of your house. The membrane also allows shingles and other structures to lie flat against the roof deck unencumbered. If the membrane shrinks from weather changes, puncturing, or old age, your house will lose the security it needs against damaging weather, wind, and pests.

If your membrane did shrink, you may see some signs in your attic and on the top of your roof. There may be moist spots in the trusses in your attic, or they may be lifted or misplaced shingles on your roof. If you have masonry or metal flashing on your roof or the roof's edge, shrinkage can displace or damage these things as well.

Some of the problems in your roof might be located in the membrane itself, which can be difficult to see without the trained eye of roofer assisting you. In this case, you'll need to have a roofing company or remodeling contractor check your roof's membrane personally.

Can You Fix a Shrinking Roof Membrane?

A professional may be able to see the problems in your roof's membrane right away. A contractor may look for water leaks in your attic and roof. A contractor may also do a maintenance check on the roof's edge, gutters, and soffits. If water penetrates the membrane, it may end up in these areas as well.

Once the damage is confirmed in your roof's membrane, a remodeling company will determine what to do about your roof. You may choose to repair the trusses in your attic as well as replace the membrane and shingles. It may be the perfect time to install a more effective roofing system on your home. If you need help determining which materials to use, speak to a contractor immediately.

If you have shrinkage in your roof's membrane and would like to repair it, call a roofing contractor in your area today for assistance.