Kitchen Cabinetry Detail Language Explained

Without a doubt, the kitchen cabinets are the most important design aspect of any kitchen space. Knowing the descriptive language used to describe certain details will help you find the cabinetry that is best for your space. Here is a look at a few key detail descriptors to know. 

Square Edge Profile

The square edge profile is the most simplistic designation for the edges of cabinetry. Square edges do not have mitered or beveled edges; instead, each edge has a straight and smooth cut. These cabinets work well if you are going for a modern minimalistic look, but they can also work well in a more rustic kitchen with the right color and material choices. Some of the perks of the square edge profile include: 

  • The cabinets are easier to keep clean 
  • Square edges require less craftsmanship time so custom orders may be quicker 
  • Tend to be cheaper than cabinetry with fancier edges 

Double Channel Miter Profile 

Double channel miter profiles have an inset front in each cabinet that is surrounded by a double-channel (double cut) mitered ridge. The double channel can also be cut around the outer frame of cabinet fronts. These cabinet styles work well in traditional kitchen settings, but they can blend well with just about any design, such as a farmhouse kitchen design. Some of the perks of these cabinets include: 

  • The cabinet fronts have added dimension for a more visual draw 
  • The cabinets can be grasped along the mitered edge to open or close 
  • Mitered edges have a nice smooth finish that is easy to clean with a soft cloth 

Reverse Bevel Edge Profile

Bevel edge cabinetry fronts are perhaps the most traditional cabinet style available. Beveled edges boast an inset center of cabinets and drawers with a beveled edge that frames that center section. The bevel runs in an outward slant, and it is often paired with secondary bevels or indentions to highlight the cut. Some of the perks of reverse bevel edge cabinet profiles include: 

  • Cabinets boats a more formal appearance 
  • The reverse bevel casts a bit of shadow and light for textural detail 
  • Cabinets with beveled edges are relatively easy to clean 

Regardless of what type of cabinets it is that you want for your kitchen, you should know that it is the minute details that can make all the difference. Contact a smart cabinet supplier in your area to find out more about cabinetry styles that are available.