Dealing With Structural Damage When Renovating Your Deck And Installing A New Surface

When you are doing renovations to your deck, you may be planning on things like installing a new deck surface, changing the railings, and doing other improvements. One of the things that you will have to do before you can complete the renovations is repair the structure. The following guide will help you with some of the repairs and improvements that need to be done when renovating an old and outdated deck:

1. Replacing Structural Posts That Have Rotted and Preventing Future Problems With Your Deck

The first thing that you want to inspect when you get ready to do renovations to your deck is the structural posts that support the structure. These are usually areas where problems with rot and insects start, and where the first deck repairs need to be done. When repairing or replacing the posts, raise them off the ground with post boots to help avoid future problems with the wood at the bottom of posts rotting, or insects like termites getting to the wood deck and starting damage.

2. Reinforcing Damaged and Undersized Deck Joists to Ensure Your Deck Structure Is up to Date

Sometimes, older deck designs may have used wood materials that were undersized for the structural needs of the deck. Therefore, you want to consider improvements like adding structural beams, joists, and other structural improvements to correct problems with over spanned lumber and undersized joists to ensure your deck renovations are structurally sound.

3. Prevent Problems With Deck Collapses by Having Your Deck Properly Attached to The Structure While Doing Repairs

With older decks, renovations should include fastening the deck to the home structure properly. This is due to problems with old decks that are not properly fastened to structures collapsing. To do this, the deck beams should have bolts that run through them and firmly attach decks to the main structure of your home.

4. Updating Your Railings and Deck Stairs to Meet Modern Building Codes for a Safe Deck Design

Another area that needs to be updated when you are doing repairs to the deck of your home is the railings. You want to make sure that railings have a design that meets modern building code standards while doing renovations. While you are updating the railings of your deck, you may also need to build more stairs to meet modern building codes and ensure the safety of your deck.

These are some tips to help you with the repairs and improvements that need to be done when renovating an old deck. If you need help with the repairs that need to be done before you can complete your deck renovations, contact a deck repair service to ensure the structure is safe and help plan a new design for your renovations.