What Factors Affect The Price You Are Quoted For Countertop Fabrication?

Turning a large slab of stone into a countertop is referred to as countertop fabrication. The slab is cut to the specifications and size of your countertops, and openings are cut to allow items such as your sink to fit into the countertop. There are many factors that affect the price you are quoted for countertop fabrication. Here are a few of those factors. 

The Type of Stone You Are Having Fabricated

One of the factors that affect the price that you are quoted for countertop fabrication is the type of stone that is being fabricated. Some stones are simply more delicate and more challenging to work with than other stones. Stones that are more delicate may take longer to fabricate and may require specialized tools to cut the stone. This drives the price of the fabrication process up. Granite is a harder stone and one of the cheaper stones to fabricate, while marble is a softer stone and more delicate, increasing the time and cost for fabrication. 

The Type of Edge That Is Being Created on the Stone

Another factor that affects the price you are quoted for countertop fabrication is the type of edge that is being created on your stone countertop. Simple edges, such as round or eased edges, are the cheapest options. More complex edges, such as bullnose, bevel, or cove edges take longer to create and, thus, increase the fabrication costs for your countertop. 

The Size of the Slab You Are Having Fabricated

Finally, the size of the slab that you are having fabricated can affect the price you are quoted for countertop fabrication. Smaller slabs are easier to work with. They are not as heavy and do not require multiple people to lift or move the slab. This is why countertops with seams in them are often cheaper than solid slab countertops. 

Fabrication is necessary in order to take a slab of stone and transform it into the countertop that you are placing in your kitchen or bathroom. The price you are quoted for fabrication can vary based on many factors, and those factors include more than just the fabrication company you decide to do business with. Learning what factors can drive the cost up can help you to decide which stone to select, what edges may be better, or whether to have seams in your countertop, based on your overall budget. Contact a countertop fabrication company today to obtain estimates to have a new countertop fabricated for your home.