The 2020 Guide To Custom Kitchen Cabinets That Add Modern Style And A Timeless Design To Renovations

If you want to have kitchen renovations that are modern and have a timeless design, you want more than just the current kitchen design trends. What you want are features like custom cabinets that will last and be in style now, as well as decades from now. There are many custom features and details that you want to pay attention to achieving the look you want and timeless modern design. The following guide will help walk you through choosing the right custom cabinet features for your renovations and modern but timeless design:

Plan and Layout the Cabinets to Add Floorspace Without Taking From Valuable Storage

The most important part of designing your kitchen is the cabinetry and floor plan. Try to reduce the amount of floor space the cabinets occupy. If there are areas with counter space that you rarely used, consider using a unit that recesses into the wall cavity to add floor space to your new kitchen design. You may also want to keep the wall cabinets to a minimum and use shelves to give your kitchen a more open plan and spacious look with the new design. 

Choosing Practical Features for Custom Cabinets Without Going Overboard With The Design

There are a lot of features that you can add to a kitchen for things like storage, additional food preparation surfaces, and organization. Just like kitchen gadgets that you never use, you can easily go overboard with these features. Start with good planning and consider features like a spice rack in cabinet dead space or pullout cutting board features for the custom cabinet design. If you add things like organizers for pots and pans or hanging glass racks, use systems that can be removed, moved, or changed when you want to make changes to your kitchen in the future.

Facing of Cabinets and Finishes That Are Timeless but Can Be Changed If You Want A Different Look Later

One of the latest design trends is to give cabinets a painted finish, which can be good if you want to change the look of your kitchen in a few years. Before you do this, talk with your custom cabinet service about using cabinets that have real wood veneers and solid wood doors and facing for draws. Before you paint the cabinets to finish them, apply a coat of interior primer. Doing this will reduce the amount of paint needed to finish the cabinets, as well as make it easier to remove the paint and apply a coat of stain if you want to change the finish of the cabinetry later.

Choosing Custom Trim and Cabinet Moldings That Add to The Design but Have Minimal Visual Impact

The trim and molding details on the custom cabinets in your kitchen are also important. You may want a minimal amount of custom woodwork details to add depth to the design, but try to keep these features minimal. This will ensure that your kitchen does not have trim moldings on cabinets that are going to go out of style, as well as make it easier to keep your kitchen clean for a more modern design and minimalist appearance that is open with a spacious feeling.

Avoid Custom Cabinet Features That May Seem Like A Good Idea but Can Be Difficult to Change With Design Trends

There are also cabinet features that you want to avoid because they may be trendy styles now, but they can be difficult to change when the times change. Some of these features include things like personalized decorative trim accents, built-in handles, hardware, or facing for appliances. Instead, use features that can easily be changed, such as hands that are fastened with screws and can be easily updated and steel appliance faces that can easily be cleaned and polished and match most kitchen design schemes.

With good planning, custom cabinets can do a lot for your kitchen renovations and help give your home a unique look and timeless design. If you are ready to start planning the new cabinets for your renovations, contact a custom kitchen cabinets service and talk to them about these timeless design features.