Living In A Home That You Own? 3 Ways To Minimize Upkeep With Bathroom Changes

If you like to spend quality time at home with your family, you may try to do things such as minimize your commute and how much you need to invest in cleaning around the house. When you know that certain rooms, specifically the main bathroom, get dirty fast and takes a while to clean, you can look forward to spending more time with your family when you invest in the right upgrades.

Large Format Tiles

While looking at the flooring in the bathroom, you may find that you have small format tiles that are somewhat difficult to clean, especially with the amount of grout required. Each tile is going to have grout on all corners, and you may know that grout is a lot harder to keep clean. This makes it worth switching over to large format tiles to minimize your cleaning responsibilities.

When you install the new flooring, you can even go with a dark-colored grout such as gray or black because these colors will continue to look clean even after a lot of time has passed by.

Open Shower

A standard shower with a framed door is going to require routine cleaning because the frame will build up with water, which can turn into mildew growth over time. Keeping the cracks and crevices of the frame dry is a time-consuming task since certain areas are so hard to reach.

Opting to remove the frame and door altogether is an excellent idea because it eliminates features that would otherwise require regular cleaning. This means that you need to make sure the shower has good enough drainage to prevent water from getting all over the bathroom.

Linear drains are great for accomplishing this goal because you can choose a design that covers a large area that prevents any one spot getting clogged from slowing down drainage.

Smart Toilet

Replacing the toilet is an incredible move to make when you are willing to switch over to a smart one. This kind of toilet will reduce cleaning requirements because they often have self-cleaning features that keep the entire toilet bowl clean. While some models may only provide basic self-cleaning, you can prioritize ones with advanced features that leave the toilet squeaky clean.

If you want to look forward to reduced cleaning for the main bathroom, you should invest in these kinds of remodeling projects. Learn more about bathroom remodeling from a company like The Bath Company today.