Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Ways To Open Up The Space

Bathroom remodeling can completely transform the look and feel of a bathroom space, bringing it from drab and dated to robust and relaxing. However, if your space feels cramped, it could interfere with the look you are going for. Here are three ways to open up your space during a bathroom remodel, and what you can do to ensure an open, airy feeling. 

1. Consider Floating Vanities When you have vanities that sit against the floor, they can take up valuable floorspace that makes your bathroom feel more enclosed. However, floating vanities are secured directly to the interior wall studs, allowing there to be free space below them.

In addition to giving your bathroom a more open feeling, floating vanities also have the added bonus of making it much easier to clean the floors in your bathroom. Once difficult tasks like vacuuming underneath drawers or sweeping along the edge of woodwork becomes much easier with the open access to the floor.

2. Use A Glass Shower Enclosure In the old days, showers were often made with walls that were covered in tile, creating enclosures that were bulky, dated, and cut into the vertical space of the room. However, today, you can create large showers with full-glass enclosures, making the bathroom appear larger and more open. 

Glass enclosures are also special because they allow you to show off the stone and tile work within the shower, adding a decorative element to your bathroom. As an added bonus, shower enclosures can be designed to have sealed sides and hinges, keeping more steam within the shower to keep you warm. 

3. Opt for a Smaller Bathtub Instead of large, jetted tubs popular in yesteryear, consider looking for a smaller bathtub. While many people shy away from tiny varieties, choosing a footed tub that is slightly shorter than the enclosed jetted tubs that used to be popular can help you to free up much-needed floor space to keep your bathroom open and airy. 

Before you remodel your bathroom, think carefully about whether or not you need a bathtub at all, many people opt to skip the bathtub to give their bathroom a more open feeling, saving space. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to bathroom remodeling contractors when you are ready to begin work on your space. In addition to helping you to choose an appropriate layout and moving forward with design plans, these professionals can also walk you through the best materials for the job and help you to create a rock solid timeline. Talk with contractors in your area to learn more.